5000K CFL – Full Spectrum Light in a Compact Fixture

Full spectrum has two distinct meanings when it comes to light. The first is how it works in nature. The second is how it works in electric light bulbs. In nature, the sun is the main source of light. The term covers all forms of light across the electromagnetic spectrum. It begins with infrared, goes through visible light, and ends with the near ultraviolet. These waves of light are what plants and other forms of life utilize for a number of functions. The exact amount of each light wave varies according to where you are on the Earth and the time of day. Moreover, of course, weather plays a significant role as well. A 5000K CFL bulb provides lighting very close to what you see in the noon day sun.

In light bulbs, full spectrum is not quite the same as natural light. Full spectrum is a term used by many lighting manufacturer for full spectrum bulbs. To measure full spectrum bulbs, manufacturers provide a measurement of the amount of spectral power distribution. For example, 0K is a pure black. A 5000K CFL bulb is very close to the luminescence of the noon day sun. Each manufacturer’s bulb will provide a slightly different distribution of light over the spectrum.

Gardening with full spectrum bulbs no longer requires big ballast fixtures. In years past, many people had to invest large sums of money in special lighting fixtures to grow plants indoors. That is not the case any longer. With a 5000K CFL bulb, you can use a normal screw in light socket and still have the full spectrum light you need. While the bulb will not illuminate a large area, it offers an alternative for those who want to grow a small tray of seeds or to keep a particular plant alive throughout the winter.

Full spectrum light is also effective for getting true light inside when no natural light is available. With artists, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, the best light is always natural northern light. However, that is not always possible in the winter or at night. Using a 5000k CFL bulb will help alleviate that situation. The full range of colors helps the canvas or other art piece have truer colors. It is also useful in a paint store where workers need to get a true color match. Those are just a few uses for one of these bulbs.

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