5 Major Benefits of a Portable Chicken Coop

Most people are beginning to turn towards using portable chicken coops instead of constructing larger stationary ones. It is one of the most preferred types of coops, since you can move them from one place to another very easily. It is advisable you consider these benefits before building one.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Possibly the most beneficial attribute of a portable chicken coop is that you can clean it easily. This is because you can effortlessly transport the coop to the place where the cleaning services are stationed, clean it, and then return it once you have finished cleaning. Its portability makes it very easy to maintain.

Decreased Time Devotion

Another major benefit to a portable chicken coop is that it is cheap to construct. Since these chicken coops are normally smaller, often you can use the materials that are found around your house. If not, you should be able to buy some of these materials inexpensively. Moreover, a portable coop requires significantly less devotion in terms of maintenance and feeding since you can move them closer to your house. When it comes to feeding, you will also be able to feed the flock without too much hassle.

Limited Chicken Coop Size

For some people, a crucial and to some extent an obvious consideration is the amount of space that will be used to keep the chickens. The space used will be reduced quite a bit since portable chicken coops do not hold a huge number of chickens. Therefore, it is good you consider a larger one and a more stable structure to hold about 6 chickens. In general, portable chicken coops are long lasting due to the reduced number of materials along with complexity.


Since chickens are exposed to lethal predators such as badgers, raccoons, foxes, rodents along with other predators, if you build a portable coop it’s more likely you are able to protect your flock from such predators as you can move it to a place where you can see it and take action when needed. Another less obvious benefit is you can protect the chicks from the sun heat during summer time by moving the coop to a more shady area without too much effort.

Environmentally Friendly

These portable chicken coops are also very friendly to the surrounding. Since you can move it from one place to another, your chickens will be able to feed on the worms, insects, weeds when moved to another area. They will feed on healthy and fresh food more frequently. Besides, you will allow the grass to grow and fertilize the place where they were previously situated. With an average sizable portable coop, you will be able to keep your chicken healthy and raise them comfortably.

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