5 Great Tomato Plant Tips

Want to grow your own tomato plants? Don’t have a clue on what to do? Worried if you’re doing it right? Well, worry no more! The tips shared here will help ease your worries and get you started in growing healthy, beautiful, delicious tomatoes!

Tip Number One: Lesser Leaves Equals To More Tomatoes!

Your tomato plant is diligently taking essential nutrients from the soil, sunlight and water. When your plants have more leaves than tomatoes, what happens is that half of the energy is given to the leaves. Don’t let this happen! Trim down the leaves because the less leaves you have, the more tomatoes you’ll see.

Don’t be led astray by the belief that more leaves would mean more nutrients captured by the plant. The extra leaves are completely unnecessary. What you want to see is that your tomato plants are 90% red. Three leaves are all your plant needs and these should act as solar panels. The ideal position for these leaves would be on top of your plant and as for the rest of the leaves, get rid of them.

Tip Number Two: Proper Grooming

One of the keys to successfully growing tomato plants is proper grooming. Grooming gets rid of unnecessary leaves and makes air flow freely around the plant thus giving it more essential nutrients. Your hands, with gloves if necessary, are the best tools for grooming your plants.

They can get right at the base of the lower branches and cleanly break them off. If you use a knife or cutters, you will end up with stumps of branches which will use up more nutrients in an attempt by the plant to heal them.

This will also result in the branches growing back quicker and thicker and in fact this is the technique farmers use on orchard tress to get the limbs to grow faster and thicker in the long run. So remember, use your hands to break them cleanly and to break them right off the base!

Tip Number Three: Oxygen, Water and Sunlight

In order for your plants to grow big and healthy, it needs the proper nutrients. We all know that plants need water, air and sunlight and tomato plants are no different. With this in mind, you can now understand the previous tip better. Trimming down the leaves gives more room for oxygen to flow freely and ensures the optimum growth of your plant. Make sure to water your plant with the right amount and with consistency and regularity. Also, do not forget about giving your plant the adequate amount of sunlight for essential nutrients.

Tip Number Four: Cow Fertilizer

Fertilizers help in growing healthy plants. For your tomato plants, the very best fertilizer you can use on them is from cows. Also make sure that it’s from cows that have been organically fed.

Tip Number Five: Fight Disease By Rotating Your Crops!

It is most frustrating to lose your plants to pests or diseases. The worst tomato plant pests and fungal diseases take time to build up in the soil. To avoid this, good crop rotation must be done! Rotate other crops different from tomato plants in the same soil, year after year. Doing this makes your soil and plants bug free and ensures that your plant grows to be healthy.

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