5 Great Tips For Buying A Water Fountain

A water fountain is a great way of improving a garden without having to put in too much effort. Fountains are renowned for their calming, soothing effect as the sound of trickling water helps create a tranquil environment. They also help attract wildlife to the garden with many birds seeking a place to drink. They come in a wide range of styles meaning a suitable fountain can be found for any garden. However, it is important to consider some things before purchasing a water fountain.


Many styles of water fountains are available and the easiest way to decide which is best for you is to shop around on the Internet. Several manufacturers produce modern, sleek water walls lending a contemporary aesthetic to the garden. Water walls are great focal points in the garden and some can even be used indoors making them very versatile.

Alternatively you might prefer a traditional and elegant statue fountain depicting figures such as cherubs for a more classic look. These kind of features are reminiscent of the fountains found in piazza’s throughout Italy. Grand and graceful they are sure to add a touch of flair.

Of course, a simple fountain-head can always be opted for if you simply wish to jet water from a pond or lake. This approach is relaxed and understated but still creates an impressive effect as water sprays from the center of the pond.


The size of the garden space will often determine the size of the water fountain. Spacious gardens are suitable for even the biggest fountains, some of which reach as high as 10ft. However, smaller gardens can also be catered for with much smaller fountains. Some fountains are now small enough to be used indoors and even on desktops in office spaces.


Water fountains come in various materials and your choice of material should be influenced by your needs. Stainless steel fountains are stylish and versatile but can also be quite expensive. Stone fountains appear timeless and particularly natural however they are equally expensive and also weigh far more than most other fountains. Plastic fountains are unlikely to last for any great period of time and can look cheaply made.

A great option is polyresin which combines the qualities of many other materials yet avoids their shortcomings. Polyresin gives the appearance of stone yet is relatively cheap to purchase and weighs very little making it easy to move around. As a material it is very durable and suitable throughout all weather conditions including frost and snow.

Power Source

Most water fountains are available with one of two power sources, although some are compatible with both. They will either be mains powered from an electric source connected to a plug socket or they will be solar powered. There are benefits and drawbacks to each method but the potential benefits of solar power appear to outweigh the negatives.

Solar power is a very economical way of running a water fountain because it does not require anything other than the Sun, which thankfully is always free. It is also an environmentally friendly option making use of natural, renewable resources. The only real drawback is the level of performance which can drop slightly in periods of continued lack of sunshine. However, many solar pumps now store sunlight on brighter days for use on the dull days when sunshine is lacking.

Indoors or Outdoors

The type of water fountain you end up purchasing should be based upon where you will put it to use. Some water fountains are designed to sit in an existing body of water and therefore must be placed outside in a pond. However, others may be self contained or even supplied with a reservoir making them suitable to be placed on patios, decking areas or even indoors.

Indoor fountains are generally smaller than garden fountains although there are some exceptions. Water walls and mirror fountains can match garden fountains for size if you can find the space inside to accommodate them. Unfortunately indoor fountains cannot make use of solar pumps due to the very fact they are indoors and out of the sunlight.

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