5 Examples to Get Inspiration From

If gardening is one of your hobbies, you always look for some new creative ideas to make the place more appealing, more fascinating and more unique, don’t you? Though there are hundreds of ways to make the area attractive, most of us pay much attention to planting, and there is no wonder: flowers provide not only a nice picture and bright colors, but also slight smells that seem to take into another world.

Our ideas for flower pots will become your helping hand in the process of rearranging your garden into a work of art that deserves admiration and delight. Pick those you like the most and make your recreation area exceptional.

Flowerpot Chairs

Among a number of ideas for flower pots this one takes a special place. When it is time to plant flower baskets and window boxes, people prefer having beautiful flowers on a chair. This seems interesting, doesn’t it?

Get a clean chair without rough edges and drill a hole in it. Put your plain pot in the empty hole and make it fit snugly. No matter what flowers you are going to choose, their roots will hang below the seat level, while the bloom will be above.

Why not use acrylic paint to make some lines and drawings on the back of the seat or add dots to create an unusual patter?

Pot Flower Towers

A tower flower enhances vertical space with vibrant summer colors. All you need is a couple of standard terra cotta pots in sizes 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″. Place the largest pot on top of the place you want the tower and using a clay substance add another 4 pots. Put a dowel rod into the pot’s center through the soil. Then add soil and soil moist to pots.

Select the plants, keeping in mind that shade plants need shade and sun ones need sun. We recommend to use petunia, wave petunia, calibrachoa, alyssum and lobelia.

Paper Bag Vases

This is one of the awesome ideas for flower pots. It resembles a real paper bag, though it is ceramic. The bags bear a rather canny resemblance. They are designed to look like paper bags and are considered to be really perfect for flowers. You can water them, replant and do whatever you need.

Books as Pots

Do you have old books? – Don’t throw them away. Moisten them up and make unique flower pots. They are a perfect way to incorporate amazing qualities into your plain garden. Eco-friendly pots are great for your area.

Pumpkin Flower Pots

Cut the top off of the pumpkin and cut around the stem in order to create a hole nearly 6 inches in diameter. The hole should be large enough in order to accommodate flowers you’d like to use.

You can place a glass vase into a pumpkin or an empty coffee can. If you have already potted flowers, you can arrange them as you wish to make the pot more beautiful.

In cases with ideas for flower pots, fantasy and creativity are limitless. Do what you want and place it where you need in order to make a usual place fantastic.

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