5 Benefits of Using Turf Rolls

Turf can provide a variety of benefits for the garden and goes a lot further than aesthetics alone. Other benefits of turf grass include absorbing rainwater, neutralizing pollutants, cleansing the air, minimizing erosion, and limiting run-off. Here is an overview of the five major benefits of installing turf in the garden:

Soil erosion

Turf rolls are great for stabilizing dust and preventing soil erosion. Regular wind and rainfall can cause serious issues with the erosion of soil. But, this is easily stabilized by applying a layer of turf grass to the lawn. Once the turf is established and roots penetrate the soil, they will help to hold the soil together and avoid future movement. Plus, a turf layer that is highly dense can help to avoid issues with soil and dust particles.

Rain absorption

Turf grass is helpful for its ability to minimize rainwater runoff and captures more water to benefit the ground water supplies. By slowing the movement of rainwater it is possible to penetrate the soil more efficiently and provide better growth in the garden. A well-maintained lawn at about 8,000 square feet has the potential to soak up nearly 5500 gallons after a heavy downfall of rain.

Minimize noise and glare

The turf is great at softening the glare from sunlight because it is able to provide a surface that is non-reflective. Planting a varied mixture of plants, shrubs, and trees can also help with absorbing a significant amount of noise. Gardens that are mostly hard surface like stone or concrete are more likely to reflect sound. Adding plants and lawn to the garden can help to cut the level of noise by about 25-30 percent.

Air cleanser

Turf grass can act as a natural air cleaner and soak up carbon dioxide, which is broken down to form carbon and oxygen. A decent sized lawn (50×50 feet) in the yard is enough to produce the oxygen needed to breath while at home. Also, the grass is able to absorb other gases such as sulfur dioxide. Without grass and plant life to absorb the pollutants, there would be a build up of haze over time that could block sunlight by nearly 15 percent.

Cooling effect on the environment

Laying turf at home can offer a significant benefit to cool the local air temperature. A garden that is mostly covered by grass has the ability to cool the air temperature in the summer by almost 25 degrees compared to paving stones or similar hard areas.

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