5 Basic Tips for Growing Peppers in Your Home Vegetable Garden

Peppers are the third most popular vegetable grown in the home vegetable garden. There are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from however the basic concepts to grow them are the same for just about all of them. Here are 5 basics on peppers to get you started.

1. Seed Depth – Pepper seeds are fairly small so you do not want to plant them too deep. About a quarter of an inch or less would be ideal. If you put too much dirt on top of them they won’t generate enough energy to push through the soil.

2. Soil Temperature – Peppers, like tomatoes, will germinate best when the soil temperature is on the warmer side. If you can get your soil in the eighty to eighty-five degree Fahrenheit range you would be doing your pepper seeds a great service. At this temperature they have a better chance of not only germinating but thriving.

3. pH Range – Peppers like the soil to be a bit more acidic (under 7 on the pH scale). Ideally if you can get your soil in the 5.5 to 6.5 range, some studies have shown that pepper seeds germinate very well there.

4. Space – You will more than likely find the adequate space requirements for peppers on the back of your seed packet, however, if you received some pepper seeds from a friend and do not have the packet, just remember to space them out at least twelve inches. Give them plenty of room to grow.

5. Sun and Water – Peppers require full sun and moderate watering. Pick an area of your yard that receives first sunlight in the morning and throughout the day. Water every other day and more often if you experience periods of high heat and dryness

These are just the 5 basic items of growing peppers in your home vegetable garden. Once you become comfortable with growing peppers, learn more about rotation considerations and companion plantings, both of which will help with future yields and use of space in your garden.

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