5 Advantages Of Raised Garden Beds

Would you like to be in a position to grow your own fruit and vegetables, but are limited for space in your garden? If you would then now is the time to be considering using raised garden beds. These are a good way to use what space you as the plaints are raised up rather than out. This in turn actually provides you with the space to grow as many plants as you would like. Plus you will find that there are certain types of plans such as cucumbers and squashes that grow far better when placed into raised beds. Along with these types of gardens allowing you to utilise what space you have there are a number of other advantages to setting up this sort. In this article we take a look at just a few of these.

Advantage 1 – For those who live in the northern parts of a country a raised garden bed can prove beneficial to the health of your plants. This is because the root systems are insulated against the cold during the winter months and in turn you may find that each year the amount of crops the plants you are growing in them increase. However to further help provide the roots of the plants with proper insulation from the elements in winter it is a good idea to put down a small amount of mulch at the end of each growing season.

Advantage 2 – If you are living somewhere that the soil condition and drainage is poor then using these types of beds will help you to create areas that are not only well drained but also fertile. It also means that you can place in special mixtures of soil that is suitable for helping to feed certain types of plants.

Advantage 3 – By choosing to install raised garden beds you will save yourself a lot of time and money. This is because you won’t need to spend time having to install a special drainage system or to get lots of topsoil trucked into to ensure that you provide the perfect environment for your plants to grow in.

Advantage 4 – If you are someone who suffers from medical conditions that affect your joints or muscles then setting up a raised garden bed helps to elevate the plants to a level you will find more comfortable to work on. So of course helping to making the tending of your plants so much more enjoyable.

Advantage 5 – Of course a really good reason for you setting up raised garden beds is that these are far easier to maintain. Not only are you able to organize your plants better but keeping your yard clean becomes a great deal easier. This is because the soil any dead foliage etc., will remain within the edges of the bed.

Raised garden beds [http://australia-best-buys.com/garden-gear] are a great idea for those with poor soil or others that have space issues. You can also use recycled plastic garden stakes [http://australia-best-buys.com/garden-gear] to ensure soil consistency.