4 Tips In Choosing Tomato Pots

To successfully grow tomato plants, there are a lot of factors involved. One of these is choosing the right tomato pot and tomato container. The right pot is a crucial factor if you want to produce healthy tomato plants with big and juicy tomatoes. Choosing correctly can sometimes be confusing but not to worry, there are some tips:

Bigger Is Always Better

Growing tomatoes in pots is obviously useful for people without a yard or garden plot. It can also be a great way to decorate your house. The best pot to choose is one that is big like the standard terracotta pot which is also the popular choice. Make sure to choose one with a foot diameter.

Your tomato plants will need ample area for lots of roots because the more roots your plant has, the more nutrients it can absorb and give to your plant. The pot should also have decent drainage holes in the bottom so that the plant will not drown. Place a layer of stones and rocks in the bottom to keep the drainage holes from getting clogged up.

A Nourishing Soil

Deciding what kind of soil to use in your pot is also essential in growing healthy tomato plants. Regular potting soil is a good choice and make sure to mix in calcium providing nutrients like Oyster shell to nourish your plant. Adding straw mulch will also help in proving nutrient to your plant.

After preparing the soil, bury the roots and stem of the plant in the soil up to the first branch. This will encourage the stem to create more roots. As an added support, you may place a tomato plant cage above your plant.

The Right Tomato Plant

Choosing the right tomato variety to plant in pots is also crucial. You need to keep in mind that the plant will not grow too big or produce too big tomatoes. Growing the plant in pots will limit its size and the amount of water it will get. In order to successfully grow one in a pot, you will need to choose a variety that has a low water demand.

When you purchase your plant, make sure it is healthy with straight stems that are thick as a pencil and have at least two to three sets of true leaves.

It’s All In the Location

Your tomato plant will need lots of water, sunlight and oxygen to grow successfully and healthily. Make sure to expose your potted plant in the sunlight for at least five to eight hours a day. Placing your plant on a balcony or on a windowsill will do but make sure it doesn’t get too exposed to direct wind because it will make the soil of your plant dry quickly which will weaken the plant.

Grooming is also an important aspect to your plants’ growth. Make sure to groom with your hands and not with cutters or scissors. Also, trim away excess leaves and branches to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients.

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