4 Tips For The Organic Garden

Gardeners need to take more care of the organic garden than conventional gardeners. A conventional garden can always rely on a handful of chemical fertilizer, or bug spray, or weed killer to get than out of a jam. The organic gardener must think ahead to avoid the problems that a lot of other gardeners get themselves into.

The following 4 tips will help you be better prepared this garden season. The tips cover plant care, weeds, pests and harvest and replant. They will help you grow safe, tasty and nutritious veggies for your family.

Plant care

Growing time is the time for watering and feeding. It is best to check the plants growing habits to see how moist to keep the soil. Some plants are different. Most of the time you just want to add water ever couple of days to keep the soil in the root zone moist, but not wet. Give your garden plants a little compost during the garden season, by carefully scratching it into the soil surface.


That dirty word… weeds. To some the weed is the thorn in the side for their garden, but it does not have to be that way. Here are two big tips for weeding your garden. One, mulch your garden with straw, leaves, grass clippings, newspaper or just about any organic material. Place it under the plants as soon as they are big enough. Second, walk through your garden every evening after work. As you walk pull any weeds that stick their heads up through the mulch. It will keep your garden weed free and lift your spirits at the same time.


We do not have enough space to cover all pest, so we will just cover a few. Bugs are everywhere. If you have a garden you have bugs. Some bugs are good so we do not want to kill everything. You can quickly hand pick, and place the bug in soapy water, as you are doing your daily garden walk.

Row cover is a great invention. It is available from your garden center and is placed over your veggies. It lets in rain and light and keeps bugs out, works great.

Harvest and replant

Once, you have enjoyed your beans, or cabbage, or whatever don’t let that soil sit there and grow weeds. Rake in a little compost and plant a different variety of vegetable and harvest again from the same spot.

Following these 4 tips for the organic garden will help you harvest more produce from your garden and have more fun while doing it. Organic gardening is easy, once you learn how to do it. Just remember to care for your growing plants, consistently take care of the pests and weeds and replant after you harvest.

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