4 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own Aquaponics Business

You are probably reading this because you have thought of starting an aquaponics business. Some say it’s a really good business idea, some say it isn’t. One thing is for sure, it isn’t an easy business. It requires a lot of knowledge and initially, a lot of your time and money. The good thing about aquaponics is that once you have gotten the system running and you already know how to maintain it, it will then become sustainable. What are the things that you should consider and what do you need to know about it? Here they are:

Who is your competition?

Aquaponics yields products of premium quality that are not mass produced and that are organic. This is the reason why the price of aquaponic products is higher than those in the market. The goal then of an aquaponics businessman is not to compete with these products, instead to rise above them all. You cannot compete with their price, so compete with their quality.

With aquaponics as a business, the competitors are companies that use traditional soil farming or fish ponds that mass produce and sell at cheaper prices. These, unfortunately are threats to aquaponics. If aquaponics products are not marketed well, these cheap prices will swallow the market whole.

What is aquaponics’ edge over other fields of agriculture?

An aquaponics farm is sustainable. A sustainable farm means less maintenance costs. This is one of the things that make aquaponics special. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the system, it will run smoothly and you will only have to check on it once every day. It will become a small ecosystem in itself that you will only have to supply with fish feed. If you wish for a completely sustainable environment, you can raise feeder fish within the system.

Many people discourage aquaponics business because of the large amount of capital needed but what they don’t realize is that in this given capital, you will be starting a farm with two products and eventually even more. Vegetables have a different market than fish which gives you even more opportunity of selling and increasing your profits.

What are the costs?

Costs depend on the size of aquaponics that you plan to have but most large scale aquaponics systems started with $100,000 US, already includes the first few months of maintenance costs when you are still growing the plants and fish and therefore couldn’t do any harvest. What makes aquaponics systems cost a lot are the mechanisms and materials used. You will need the kinds of materials that are sturdy enough to last for years so that you will not have to worry about things going wrong.

The monthly maintenance costs also vary from the different sizes of aquaponics systems, on average they cost $3000US every month to maintain. This already includes the fish feed and electricity.

How many people will it take to run the business?

The number of employees is entirely up to you but the number of helpers that you get will determine how fast your harvest will be. Two hundred pounds of crops will more or less take four people eight hours to harvest. Adding one more to your team will make a difference and doubling the number will take half the time it took four people to harvest.

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