4 Simple Greenhouse Designs You Can Build In Your Backyard

Building your own greenhouse in your backyard can save you money. If you do not want to spend the extra money purchasing one at your local garden supply store, here are some simple greenhouse designs to consider building.

Victorian Style Greenhouse – this design is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its gable style roof. It is a great choice for someone who desires a greenhouse with ample head space to walk around in. Its frame can be made of a number of materials. Consider using materials which will give the frame added strength it will need to hold up against high winds created in a rainstorm.

Hoop Greenhouse – the hoop greenhouse is generally one of the easiest types to construct and requires only simple hand-held tools to complete the project from start to finish. The shape resemble an elongated semi-circle. It is a great choice for use as a temporary structure to keep plants warm during those cool early spring nights.

Lean-to Greenhouse – another greenhouse design which will give lots of head space as it is just an A-frame structure cut in half along the ridge of the roof. The structure is attached to the side of a building such as your home for support. It can be easily located on a walkway or patio.

Cold Frame – this structure is generally rectangular in shape, with a clear plastic or glass lid. The lid allows the sunlight to enter and warm up the inside of the wooden box. Plants can be located inside to keep warm and receive protection from frost.

Which ever of these simple greenhouse designs you choose consider using a plan to guide you through the construction process. A good quality plan will help you save time and money.

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