4 Simple And Easy Tips On How To Maintain Garden Furniture

The finely crafted garden furniture you purchased recently is chic and elegant and lends a touch of sophistication to your beautiful garden. However, if you want it to retain its aesthetic appeal, durability and level of comfort for a lengthy period, it’s important that you take steps to maintain your furniture on a regular basis. This article will reveal 4 simple and easy tips that will help you do just that!

Before we begin, keep in mind that the frequency of maintenance depends on numerous factors, especially the material from which the furniture is manufactured. With that in mind, here’s how to care for different types of garden furniture models:-

Tip 1 – Wooden Furniture

Wooden folding chairs, tables and benches are all popular favorites amongst many consumers worldwide. Not only do these items help transform your garden space into a lovely extension of your home, they are also a perfect match for the outdoor environment and serve to enhance the beauty of the garden area, as well as the entire property. Unfortunately, most types of wood that are exposed to the weather elements fail to withstand them and are in need of frequent varnishes and coatings of paint, in order to preserve their exterior. Another way to prolong the durability of wooden garden furniture is to store them indoors during the winter season and protect them from harsh sunlight rays as much as possible, during the summer.

Tip 2 – Wrought Iron Furniture

This is a pretty common material for various styles of furniture. Although incredibly solid and sturdy, it is vital that items made from wrought iron are given occasional coats of paint to keep them from being corroded due to excessive moisture. Furthermore, it is recommended that wrought iron furniture be placed indoors during severe winters. However, if you prefer to leave it in your garden, you can do so; just make sure you protect it from damage by using a waterproof covering.

Tip 3 – Stainless Steel Furniture

The advantage of purchasing stainless steel models is that they are rust-proof. On the downside though, they aren’t completely stain-proof, so any spills of liquid (such as coffee, soft drinks) and other stains (such as lipstick, ink and chocolate) should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Tip 4 – Plastic Furniture

One of the reasons plastic garden furniture is so popular is because maintenance is usually a breeze. That said, if constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, the durability of plastic furniture may lessen dramatically. Hence, it’s a good idea to protect it from high temperatures and ultraviolet light rays.

Well, there you have it – 4 simple and super easy tips on how to properly maintain your beautiful garden furniture!

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