4 Plants That Grow Well in the Shade

Do you want to add some plants to your garden but not sure which ones will grow best in the shade? Here we have put together a list of 4 different plants that will grow well, even without sunlight!

False Soloman’s Seal

One plant that grows well in the shade is False Solomon’s Seal. A native of North America, its scientific name is Smilacina racemosa. Also known by the common names as Solomon’s plume, False Spikenard and Treacleberry. More prevalent in the North West, it is a woodland plant that flourishes well in soft moist earth. Typical habitats for these plants are in ravines. They are perennials and put out a thick mat of roots with upright stalks. The leaves are no bigger than the average thumb. By the end of spring time spikes of lovely white flowers bloom. It bears green berries which turn to red by fall. Won the Garden of Merit award from the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Waterfall Serbian Bellflower

This flower has also won the RHS award of garden merit. Found in the Balkans, its scientific name is Campanula poscharskyana or simply bellflower. A semi-evergreen it ranges from delicate plants to hardy ones. It stands anywhere from six inches to one foot in height and between a one to three foot spread in each clump. The leaves are small, dark green and produce a weed killing mat. Said to like slightly moist soil, gardeners have found that it thrives in a dry environment. Good for partial sunlight to light shaded habitats. Blooms from around May to the fall. The flowers are beautiful lavender-blue stars.

Snow Angel Coral Bells

The scientific name is Heuchera sanguinea, is also known by the common names Snow Storm Corabells and Alumroot. It can grow in direct sunlight and full shade. A perennial evergreen, it is considered a low maintenance plant that blooms from late spring time to around mid- summer. It grows to a height of eight inches with a spread of around one foot. The stalks tower over the rest of the plant and the flowers are a deep red and bell-shaped. The foliage is green with white variegation. A North America plant that thrives in an urban environment.

Everlasting Revolution

Imported from China and Japan, the Hydrangea macrophylla is part of a huge family of shrubs. It is also known under such common names as Bigleaf, French and Lacecap. This shrub can grow to enormous sizes and is wonderful to use for landscaping projects. If you want something that calls the attention, then this is the plant you need in your garden. The flowers come in clustered heads and in a wide variety of colours. The colours depend on ph content in your soil. Will grow well in full sunlight to partial shade. Blooms during spring and summer.

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