4 Helpful Tips for Growing Grapes at Home

Growing Grapes at home is very similar to growing a vast vineyard, it’s just on a slightly smaller scale. Well, a much smaller scale. Here are a few tips when growing your very own grape vines at home.

Tip 1: Picking the Right Grapes

Pick a grape variety that suits the climate surrounding your home, before you begin growing. Grapes are pretty adaptable, but you still want to be aware of what types grow better in your area. If you live in a cooler climate, you will want to choose a variety that is more adaptable to frost. Picking the right kind of grape will ensure a successfully producing grape vine. You will want to research the types of grapes out there. There are many to choose from, and each will have its own unique characteristics. Choose wisely.

Besides choosing for your climate, you will want to decide why you are growing them. Are you wanting them just as table grapes to eat? Or, maybe you decided you wanted to make your own homemade wine. Whatever the decision, choose your cultivar accordingly.

Tip 2: Testing Your Soil

Checking your soil is an essential part of growing grapes, even if they are being grown in your backyard. You can pick up a soil tester at any local gardening store. It is wise to understand the levels of nutrients your soil will offer.

Here are a few ideal results:

pH level- 5.8-6.5

organic matter- 3%

phosphorous level- 50 pounds/acre

potassium level- 50 pounds/acre

There are other levels you will want to test that aren’t listed such as magnesium and zinc.

Tip 3: Proper Hydration

When it comes to hydrating your grapes, you want to first make sure there is suitable drainage for your plant. If the water cannot drain properly your grape vines are more susceptible to disease, such as black rot. If you have the proper drainage your vines need than all you need to do is water regularly. If your vines are receiving water from nature’s showers than you need not worry about watering at that time.

Tip 4: Preventing Grape Pests

You want to be aware of some pests that could harm your grape vines. Some of the most common pests include:

The phylloxera – This pest likes to damage the root system of the grape vine. If you do not get rid of this pest right away it can end up killing your vines. These little creatures are virtually microscopic and are hard to detect with the naked eye.

The cane borer – This pest causes a lot of damage to the stems and leaves of your plant. You can detect it easier than the phylloxera because of its metallic appearance. Usually there are two holes adjacent to each other on the surface plant tissue. These holes are entrance and exit holes.

The cane gallmaker – These pests are usually about 3 mm in size which is quite small. It is easier to spot them during the mid-summer when the adult gallmakers are most active.

Growing grapes can be a very rewarding hobby to pick up. And, taking these few tips into consideration will help you in your efforts in creating a yard full of healthy grape vine.

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