4 Gardening Items to Ask Santa for This Christmas

For many of us, old man winter has moved in, putting a damper on our outdoor vegetable gardening efforts. While many still continue to grow some herbs, lettuce, spinach and other cooler crops in either outdoor cold frames or on indoor window sills, colder weather also means the Christmas season is upon us.

And while, falling snow may not spark an immediate thought of harvesting ripe tomatoes, Christmas is a great time to put some gardening gifts on your want list for Santa. So here are some items you may want to jot down.

Garden Cart/Wheelbarrow

I received a garden cart two years ago. It can carry up to 600 pounds, and the type I have has 4 wheels as opposed to the traditional 1 wheel, wheelbarrow (of which I have one of those also). They vary in cost based on features. They can cost as low as $20 up through $200. Mine is in the $60 to $70 range. It’s great for when I am moving lots of items at one time or moving mounds of compost around.


Most gardeners have one or even two of these. They are a great help when turning over soil or your compost pile. They are available at any home or garden center for $10 to $40. My dad gave me one of his older ones, and my family gave me a second one as a gift last year. It’s nice to have a backup in case one of them decides to retire (my tools don’t break, they just decide to stop working).

Small Garden Tools

From a basic trowel to a hand cultivator the smaller tools are a must for every gardener. They are small enough to help you work in tight spots but large enough to complete tasks fairly easily. Again these range in price. You can pick them up at your dollar store (although quality is not the greatest) and at your local home or garden center for a few bucks more. Walmart and Target have them, but they will be tough to find at those stores this time of year, so your best bet are places like Tractor Supply, Home Depot and/or Lowes.


Vegetable seed packets make for great stocking stuffers. Tie a ribbon around a dozen or so packs and put them in the stocking of your family vegetable gardener and they are sure to love the gift. Besides, what is a vegetable gardener without any vegetable seeds?

I could go on for hours as to what could be or should be on your gift list to Santa, but the above list marks the items I get the most use out of in my own vegetable gardening efforts. What would you like to see on your list?

About the Author Mike Podlesny is the moderator for the largest
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