4 Fun Gardening Projects for Kids

This article will list 4 super fun gardening activities for kids that are sure winners to make your little ones gardening addicts!

  1. Build a worm farm. Of course being a worm farmer, this is my first suggestion but really, it should be #1 on your list for several reasons. Kids LOVE worms and getting their hands dirty. The worms will digest your food waste and produce some organic fertilizer for your garden. It’s a win/win. Using nasty chemical fertilizers and pesticides should be avoided, especially with children involved.
  2. Make a basic herb garden. You can do this in containers or give your child a “plot” in your garden/flowerbed. When I am cooking, my kids LOVE to go out to the garden to collect the needed herbs for our dish. They take pride in growing, harvesting and eating them.
  3. Make a Pole Bean TEPEE. Every year we choose pole beans as part of our gardening adventure. I let the kids place the beans in a paper towel, dampen the towel, put it in a plastic bag for a day or so until the shell softens, then they plant the beans around our bamboo tepee. Within a few days there are sprouts. Within a few weeks the bean plants are taking over the tepee and before you know it you have delicious green beans. YUMMY. And the kids like to play inside the tepee. For the tepee, we crudely fashioned it with 3 bamboo poles we salvaged from a friends yard with some jute twine.
  4. Choose some fast germinating and easy to grow plants to start in containers. This works well if you do not have a big yard or it is winter. One of my favorites is mint. Mint grows and spreads fast, so is best to leave in a container. It smells and tastes yummy. My kids add it to most drinks and even do cuttings and put in vases to put in their bedrooms/bathrooms as an air freshener.

These are just a few ideas for having fun with the kids in the garden. Spark an interest in growing their own healthy food and you will give endless memories and a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Liz is the owner of BigTex Worms in Keller, TX. She also homeschools her two daughters. Want to learn more about worm composting or get other gardening tips from Liz? Visit her website: [http://www.wormbincomposting.com]