300 Watt CFL

The traditional incandescent light bulbs have proved, at least in the past few years, to be increasingly inefficient. As a result of the huge demand for new products in this area, newer bulbs entered the market; these bulbs were more efficient, and people have started showing more interest in them. The 300 Watt CFL is one of the new products in the market and it seems to be highly appreciated by some. However, there are people who say that the CFL lights are not as efficient as the halogen lights,and therefore, a comparison is necessary at this juncture.

The compact fluorescent lights have their advantages and their disadvantages, and we can definitely say the same thing about the halogen lights. The question is: should people start buying a 300 Watt CFL? Is the indoor gardening bulb we are discussing going to be better and more efficient than a halogen light? Let us find out!

Let us first direct our attention towards the halogen lights. What we know about them is the fact that they are quite similar to the incandescent bulbs in the method by which they produce light, as they both use a filament. The difference between the halogen lights and the incandescent lights is the fact that the halogen lights contain a gas; the gas, more specifically the halogen, burns to be very hot. As a result, the light produced by a halogen light is whiter than the one produced by an incandescent bulb. The life span of a halogen light is around 3,000 hours, but some of them will last for only 2,250 hours, while others can last up to 3,500 hours.

Directing our attention towards the compact fluorescent lights and especially towards the 300 Watt CFL, we learn the fact that they use a gas mixture in order to produce light. The mixture contains argon and mercury vapors. The gas mixture is absolutely great, as the energy it requires is much less than the energy required by the filament in order to be heated. A 300 Watt CFL costs more than a regular light bulb, but its lifespan is of around 10,000 hours. This means that, in the long run, the CFL will prove to be much cheaper than a regular bulb and it will be much cheaper than a other lamps we have been discussing. It is recommended to use a CFL, as you get the opportunity to save a large amount of money by doing this!

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