3 Ways to Turn Your Grape Growing Into a Family Fun Project

How often do you crave for grapes and buy them at the supermarkets, groceries and malls? Why not produce them yourself? Grape growing at home can be a fun project and a great way for bonding moments with your family.

Here are some ways to start growing grapes with your family.

Have a plan

Involve all the family members even the small ones in your planning. Where in your backyard will it be planted? Decide whether you will use containers or pots or you will do it at a portion of your backyard. As parents, this is a great way for you to educate children regarding the importance of backyard gardening or food production at home. Decide where to position the grapes so that they’ll be exposed to the sun, the one important thing they need for the production of healthy vines and sweet juicy fruits. Another thing you need to decide is what variety to plant that will be adapted to your local climate and growing season.

Delegate tasks

Identify who will get the soil sample for analysis. You may do a simple test to see if the soil drains well by putting some soil in a pot with holes. Put some water and see how long the water reaches the ground. Grapes need good drainage, so by ocular inspection, you may see if your soil is fit for grape growing. You may assign who will buy and select the vines and pots or dig the holes for the vines. You may even invite a farmer friend or neighbor to give some pointers regarding the soil requirement needs of grapevines, proper planting technique, trellis making and vine maintenance. If you have a background in farming, this could be a chance for you to educate your family.

You can make it a contest

If you have plenty of kids, you may assign teams to plant and grow their vines. Growing grapes this way would be more exciting. They will learn responsibility and accountability as they work to make their grapevines grow well. They will also learn to help each other as they take turns watering, weeding, and pruning their vines.

Since grape growing takes time, your project will be a long term one. You could say that whosoever has many fruits will be declared a winner. Not only will they be able to reap the fruits of their own labor but the most important thing is that you will help them learn something by inculcating in their minds the essence of producing what you eat. Learning is more effective when they do it themselves.

Not only will you be molding them as young or future farmers but this is also a way for your family to practice self reliance. You will be assured also that the quality of your grapes is safe. Indeed you will say after harvesting some of your grapes in the ensuing months that grape growing is a memorable and fun experience.

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