3 Ways to Extend Your Growing Season

Most of us live where we have limited growing seasons, and although we may love the seasons, many of us wish for longer growing seasons. Here are three ways to extend your growing season, ranging from simple to more complex.

1) Start your plants inside as seedlings before transplanting outside. Although common practice may be to start them from 4 to six weeks earlier, I have started some plants much earlier by starting them in larger pots they can grow bigger in.

2) Bring your plants inside when it gets cold. I do grow some of my plants in pots. You can bring them inside when there is an early frost, and then back outside the next day. You can also bring in some plants that have fruit or veggies that are not fully ripe and let them ripen inside, as I’m doing with a few tomato plants this year. And of course some plants can come and spend the winter inside if they in plants, as I do with some herbs.

3) A greenhouse is another way to extend the growing season. Greenhouses can range from very large to very small, and some commercial greenhouses are compact and small these days as they are made of plastic instead of glass. Green houses can let you start early and finish late, and especially in more temperate areas may allow some plants to survive the winter that wouldn’t otherwise.

Extending your growing season, at least for some plants, is fairly easy. It just requires some planning.

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