3 Ways Gardening Can Make You Healthy

Gardening was the first thing invented by man, that I think started civilization. Before man started to grow his own food, he had to live in small groups of hunter gatherer tribes. Not until food could be harvested in a communal way could cities or states come about. Too many people have now lost the idea of gardening as a way to create a healthier society and are far removed from where their food comes from.

Gardening your own food makes it possible to know how healthy for you your food is, as in vegetables, fruits or grains. You will know what pesticides have been sprayed on the things you eat. You will know how the food was processed, how it was cooked and prepared from scratch. If prepared right you will get more nutrition from food you have grown yourself. Most vegetables from cans are way over processed, that takes out a lot of the nutritional value of what you could of gotten from fresh food, from your own garden, eaten on the day it was picked. So good looking fresh vegetables in the store are not as good as the ones you grow yourself, why because they are not as fresh as they seem. All fruits or vegetables start losing some of their nutrition the moment they are picked. If you can pick them, put them directly in a steam cooker which saves the most of the vitamins you get from the vegetables you will get the most from them.

The second way gardening makes you healthy is by creating ways to exercise your body. Turning over the soil in spring by using a spade shovel or a spading fork can work muscles in your arms, back, and legs. Pulling weeds can give you a good work out. Picking fresh fruits and vegetables will give you exercise. Thinking of gardening as a way to workout is a fun and rewarding way to stay in shape. It’s a lot funnier then doing sit-ups or pushups. It doesn’t cost you money like going to a gym. Plus you will also profit from the fruits of your labors with fresh foods you didn’t have to pay for in a store.

The third and final way gardening helps your health is by helping you relax and forget about daily stress. You won’t be stressing while pulling weeds. You can easily forget about worries while you’re working in your garden. I find it is a way to close out the rest of the world, if only for a little while. The benefits of gardening may be more than you think, come give it a try.

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