3 Tips on Picking the Perfect Front-Tine Garden Tiller

As gardeners we all want beautiful gardens, and the way to achieve a beautiful garden is with the right tools. front-tine garden tillers come in many different brands with multi-functions. They are perfect for small to medium size gardens and soft soil and are normally used for weeding and light garden maintenance. If you are looking to till hard or tough soil then a front-tine garden tiller is not the right tool. A garden cultivator would be better for hard soil tilling.

  • Tip #1 – Choosing the right front-tine garden tiller requires research, which engine speed is needed for your size garden. All of them use 4 cycle engines, and the user does not have to mix gas and cycling oil together. With the 4 cycle engines gardeners get more power than cultivators 160-205 cc of engine power.
  • Tip #2 -Tine rotation adjusting blades are an important part of any tillers. All front-tine tillers come with forward rotating tines and is consider the standard feature. Most of them have width adjusting blades, making it ideal for weeding and minor maintenance.
  • Tip #3 – Maneuverability is another important factor when choosing the right front-tine garden tillers. The typical tiller weighs about 100-130 lbs, having wheels in the front of the tiller really helps when pushing the tiller over walkways and driveways. Front-tine Garden Tillers have a big wheel in the front because the tiller is propelled by the front rotating tine blade. Without the big wheel on the front this machine would be a lot harder to push through loose soil. The front blade makes the tiller more difficult to maneuver than an everyday garden cultivator.

After you have gone through all the above factors, the next thing you should consider is whether you need a till for long-term or short-term. Depending on that, you can determine whether you want to buy a front-tine tiller or eventually rent one. Gas-powered front-tine tillers range from $350 to $1000+ depending on size, manufacturer and features. Electric ones may cost less but there is the limited ability of maneuvering due to the attached power-cord. On the other hand their advantage is the lower noise than the gas-powered one and the smoke and smell of gasoline. Renting on the other hand could save you a handful of money if you don’t intend to have a big garden and plan to till only from time to time. So, what are you waiting for? Time to garden!

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