3 Tips For Raised Garden Beds

There are numerous benefits and rewards to be had from deciding to install raised garden beds on your property. Once installed you have more control over what you actually grow. Plus they help when it comes to being able to manage different types of soil and climates.

Also such items are handy in places where space is limited. In fact many people who live in high rise buildings like condominiums or apartments will find that space is restricted. However if there are rooftops available for them to use which can be made into a garden then they will do so. However if you live in a property where space isn’t an issue then there are endless possibilities for you to use them.

As well as being easy to set up it is you that you can decide where they will be placed. However there are still certain things that must be taken into consideration before construction of such items can begin. Below are some of the things that need to be considered when it comes to you deciding to install raised garden beds in your garden.

1. Location and Distance

It does not matter whether you will be planting herbs, flowers or vegetables in your raised garden beds the area that you allocate for the beds is very important. Ideally you want the beds to be easy to maintain so you don’t want to raise them too high or too far away from your home. Plus you need to take into account the height at which the plants you put them are going to grow too. This is important as taller plants may require more soil into which their roots can grow. Plus if you happen to be putting different types of plants in the beds you don’t want the taller ones over shadowing the smaller ones otherwise they will not grow as well as you would have hoped.

2. Shade and Sun Tolerance

This is something else that you need to take into consideration when deciding where your raised garden beds are to be situated. Again you need to take into account the types of plants that you intend to grow in yours. Some may be happy to be exposed to sunlight on a continuous basis whilst others may need more shade.

3. Quality of the Soil

When you are placing soil into your raised gardens it is best to choose the time that isn’t compacted. The looser the soil then water will find it a great deal easier to penetrate it. As a result there will be sufficient amounts of moisture in the soil for the plants to draw on. Ideally the type of soil that should be placed into these types of beds is a mixture of soil and sand that has had some organic fertilizer mixed in as well. All of these will help to ensure that the plants you place in yours will grow healthy and strong.

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