3 Tips for Designing the Garden of Your Dreams

Prior to your actual garden activities, you need to create a detailed garden plan to put some specific areas for planting. There should be an area in your garden where you can rest comfortably while looking at your vigorous veggies and flowers. It may not be a big shade area, but it should be within your garden’s unproductive location where it has no economic value for production.

Make a simple graph on a piece of paper where you’ll plot some features to place your plant arrangement. Do you want veggies and flowers combined in one place or separate area for flowers alone and the other for vegetables.

Depending on your intelligent planning, you could create an excellent garden planted with different crops most valuable and used to be a center for students to learn and do research work and a show window for your neighbors and friends to do the same.

I have identified 3 tips for designing my garden not only for its economic value, but also for educational purposes to students, professionals and garden enthusiasts.

1. Educational

I’ve designed my garden with the end in mind not only to use it for my home use and supply of vegetables and flowers, but to make it as a show window to students in horticulture to learn the basics of home gardening. It also shows to garden lovers who wants to get some inputs to improve their gardens when they visit my site.

I made it a point that my neighbors and friends would be attracted to my plants and flowers, and it was worth my efforts, because my neighbors and friends would always visit my garden and asked some questions related to home gardening.

In fact, I’ve influenced them to do the same, made their own small garden and I was their advisers to assist them in all their problems they encountered.

2. Organic food supply

The purpose why I established my garden, was to provide me with a continues supply of organic vegetables for my family and to earn small income to augment my pension. This was the main reason why I put up the garden. While having my organic veggies, I have also planted some beautiful flowers to attract beneficial insects to help me control some destructive insect pests.

Because, I don’t use synthetic chemicals in my garden, I relied on the aid of nature for the safe growth of my vegetables and flowers.

3. Scented smell atmosphere

That’s why I included to plant flowers in my garden, because I wanted the wonderful smells of flowers around my garden. Early in the morning, I would forced myself to visit my garden just for the purpose of smelling the sweet odor of my rosal and jasmine flowers.

I felt I was in heaven when I’m in my garden. The scented smell atmosphere around makes me magnetized not to leave the place. Sometimes, I would be forced to stay more than two hours in my garden just for the heavenly smell I felt wrapping my soul.

Try this methods in your garden design to see what I’m telling is more than enough to convince others to do the same.

Happy gardening!

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