3 Tips for Choosing a Garden Hose Reel

If you, like me, love gardening and are happy to spend hours and hours getting muddy and as dirty as can be just to make that rose bed look perfect then you’ve probably come across the garden hose dilemma. The garden hose dilemma simply says:

“Do I, each and every time I water any tiny part of my garden, take the trouble to laboriously and painstakingly roll up the hose? This means getting my hands wet and cold, covered in slugs and insects and scratched from the bits of garden debris that seem to constantly attach themselves to the hose. Or do I just leave the hose where it is? And let it freeze, rot and get hopelessly tangled and knotted.

This is a true example of Hobson’s Choice, with each alternative being undesirable and that leads to the hose dilemma.

Fortunately there is another answer, and that’s to get a garden hose reel. This is simply a reel onto which you wind your hose, it’s quicker easier and more reliable than hand rolling. But there’s a few decisions that you’ll need to make before choosing the best hose reel for your garden, so here’s a few tips to make the decision easier.

  1. First of all you should think about the size of your garden, long pipes are great for larger gardens and smaller gardens will require a shorter model; but as a simple rule always choose a hose that’s 20% bigger than you think you’ll need. Then it will be just right!
  2. If you’ve got a small garden where space is limited then consider a wall mounted garden hose reel, this is a great way to save space and looks very neat against the wall.
  3. If you’re especially lazy like me, or just like playing with gadgets then an automatic garden hose reel is a great choice. These are brilliant devices that actually reel in the hose when you’ve finished with it, like the automatic cable reel winder found on good quality Hoovers. Automatic hose reels are also a great way to impress your friends!

Follow these few simple tips to get the perfect hose storage system for your garden, you won’t regret it and come summer when the time for watering arrives you’ll be all set! You’ll be happier, your plants will be healthier and your hands will be clean.

Steve is a keen gardener who loves growing prize vegetables and knows that watering is critical. Found our more at automatic garden hose reel [http://www.gardenhosereels.org.uk/garden-hose-reel/] and
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