3 Superman Ways To Keep Those Pesky Cats Out Of Your Garden

If there was one thing that was the constant bain of my existence, it was those pesky cats from next door. You know the type. That great big ball of fluff that every one thinks is as cute as a button. Every one except you that is. They slink around the neighborhood as though they own it. Now don’t get me wrong, I am fond of cats. Just not the ones that think it’s Christmas every day and are forever leaving me little “presents”. I was sick of them using my garden as if it were a bank for them to make their “deposits” in.

It was time for me to close their “accounts” permanently.

Now, I do not own a shotgun, so I had to cross that of the list straight away! – If your reading this Mom, I’m joking. Really I am. (She’s a real cat lover.) After chatting to a few friends and family I discovered there a many ways to keep those little bundles of joy away from my garden. I also discovered that most of these methods achieve rather underwhelming results. In fact some of the advice was down right laughable. “Suspend a taut fishing line over the top of your walls,” they said.

Hello! Cats are agile and can jump higher than Superman on steroids! – That doesn’t work.

A few other old wife’s tales that I have tried and been disappointed with are as follows.

  • Tea bags soaked in cloudy ammonia. – Nope. Sorry that doesn’t work.
  • Coffee grounds. – Nothing. But they are very good as a fertiliser.
  • Moth balls. – Zero effect.

There are a few scented plants that you can plant around your garden that will help deter the neighbors cats. Please understand me when I say they are not a miracle cure. For these herbs to really work well you do need to plant them in mass. The good news is they are nice to grow anyway.

Plant the following in your garden.

  • Rue.
  • Lemon Balm.
  • Pelargoniums.
  • Lemon Thyme.
  • Lavender.
  • Citronella geraniums. (This one gave me the best results and helps keep mosquitos at bay too.)

I hate it when my mother in law is right.

When she’s not around I tend to call her my monster in law! I didn’t think her idea would work but she proved me wrong. Darn it! After she pruned her roses she poked all the cutting’s through the soil in her veggie garden. Next week, no more surprises. No more smells. No more cats.

However her garden was left looking as ugly as sin.

Effective. Yes. Practical and attractive. No. So I kept hunting for a better solution. Eventually I found it. It’s not the cheapest method in the world. But I swear it’s the best. Well other than buying a dog that is. The solution is buying a water sprinkler with a motion sensor. They are available at many Every time your neighbor’s cat walks past they get blasted by your hose.

And we all know water is like Kryptonite to a cat!

After a few weeks I found I no longer needed the sprinkler. The cats were terrified to go anywhere near my garden. Problem solved. I was a happy man. I was now free to live happily ever after.

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