3 Recyclable Objects for Container Gardening Ideas

Gardening can be a lot of fun if you start to become creative. When it comes to container gardening, one does not necessarily have to use ordinary pots in order to grow plants and herbs. Instead of using pots, one can get creative and use materials that are recyclable. In this article, we examine three recyclable objects once can use to grow all sorts of plants.

The first object to consider is empty cabinets. Do you have any cabinets in your house that is not being used? Well, all you have to do is to pull the drawer out and use that as a container for your plants. Of course, there are a few steps you will first have to take before putting in the soil. For example, you need to make sure the drawer has a good drainage system in place. This can be achieved by drilling a few small holes at the bottom of the drawer. You also want to make sure that the sides of the drawer are protected so that water does not seep out from the side. You can save a lot of space by using empty cabinets to grow small plants and herbs.

The second recyclable object to consider is a plastic water bottle. A lot of us drink water from plastic bottles. Many of these plastic bottles end up in trash cans. Rather than putting them to waste, you can use them as plant containers for small plants. For example, you can cut the bottle in half and drill a small hole at the bottom of the bottle to create a makeshift gardening container. You can even decorate the bottle by painting it with all sorts of colors. Once the decorations are done, Since these containers are small and light, you can place them anywhere in the apartment. To get extra creative, you can even attach them along the wall.

The third object that can be used for container gardening is a kettle. Imagine you have a beautiful flower growing out of the sprout. Kettles that are made of old stainless steel probably work best for people looking to grow small herbs and flowers. Kettles also work well for plants that only need water. For example, you can put an onion or potato in the kettle and watch sprouts appear from the side of the vegetable. Creativity really is your limit when building a container garden.

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