3 Reasons to Choose Potpourri Over Candles

There are many ways on how you can decorate and make the overall aroma of your room better. Aside from candles, aromatic leaves and flowers can remove unwanted smell in your place. Candles and potpourri are often compared because of similar functions inside the house.

Candles and the natural organic freshener are often used in order to improve the ambiance of a room and to make it possible to reduce bad odor. This is also the reason why it is often used inside the bathrooms of both homes and commercial residences. These herbal incense however can be far safer compared to the candles that we see in the market. According to statistics, there are around 4% of accidental fires in residential areas in the US that came from candles. This just goes to show how candles could endanger your home.

Aside from the danger that it leaves your house, you may also want to know other reasons why you should go with a potpourri instead of a candle. Here are few reasons you may want to look into.

1. Cheaper

If you will look at the price of candles and organic fresheners, the latter would have to be cheaper because of the fact that it could be placed in your home straight from your garden. No need to buy wax or recycle used candles, all that you need to do is to take dried leaves and flowers.

2. Healthier

In terms of health reasons why you should go with the potpourri rather than the scented candles, the candles are known to instances of pulmonary conditions like asthma and even allergies that could trigger bronchoconstriction for sensitive individuals. It is also common that the scent of the candles will be too strong to bear for some. Scented organic aromas from flowers are basically harmless since it is natural and no chemical treatment has been added in order to intensify the smell.

3. Not so Messy

If you are particular of the mess that is left by scented candles, it is an ideal thing that you stick to flowers and leaves instead. Dried flowers and leaves will not leave any mess since it doesn’t require burning. Melted candles can seep into areas that are basically hard to clean. Wax melted on these areas could even damage your home’s interior considering you need to scratch it in order to remove it completely.

Aside from the fact that it could burn the whole property and even endanger the lives of your family members in the process; it is now time to play safe and consider the leaves and flowers on our very own garden. But of course, there are those stores that allow you to get dried flowers and leaves. The packs of dried leaves and flowers could have different strength in terms of the aroma brought by the potpourri.

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