3 Interesting Tips To Successful Container Gardening

Let us know the simple tips to create durable and thriving garden container as well as hanging basket suitable to any kinds of plants on summer season.

The first thing to do is to collect artificial soil that mostly are from peat moss. You need to use good soil like Fafard or Pro Mix that use perlite, peat, and other components to create or produce soil that would not harden throughout the season. On summer using genuine soil in plants is not perfect, it will become solidified by constant watering and eventually turn into concrete, preventing the roots of the plants from growing as there are no spaces in the soil that should have been the way out of roots as well as the nutrients to be absorbed by the plants. When it happens the plants eventually become malnourished because nutrients cannot get in. One more tip is to keep dump aside your artificial soil when summer is ended and use it again the next coming years during hot season. Crush it up with a shovel to cut up the roots of last year’s plant, dump some more artificial soil or compost, and the plants will sure be growing very healthy because compost provide more nutrients to the plants.

Remember to nourish and water your plants every week. Nitrogen which is responsible for growing of plants is water-soluble, and as you do watering, the dissolved nitrogen stays in the bottom and will promote good plant. Here are some food to nourish your plant. It is recommended to use fish emulsion liquid feed with seaweed to supply all the nutrients that the plants need. There are other plant food such as Miracle Grow or Shultz that promote growth, there is Compost tea which considered a Cadillac of liquid plant food, you can even make your own compost tea. It will surely make our plants grow fast and healthy that would be pleasing to the eyes with its great blooms.

Water your plants regularly regardless of the container size, filled the container with water and make sure the bottom part has soaked to ensure that the roots have reached all parts of the container so the plants will grow healthy.

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