3 Household Wastes You Can Use for Garden Composting

Creating your own compost is a great way to maintain a sustainable gardening system. Most people tend to use food waste to create organic compost but you want to be a little careful, especially if you want to create organic compost. For example, some types of wastes may contain minerals that may cause more harm than good to your gardening plants. In this article, we examine three types of household wastes you can use to create gardening composts in a matter of weeks.

The first type of household waste you should consider is leftover food. As mentioned earlier, there are certain types one should avoid when creating organic compost. For example, wastes that come from meat, dairy product, and oil are considered bad for gardening compost. There are several reasons for this. For example, meat wastes can attract unwanted rodents and pests like maggots. This will cause your organic compost to smell extremely bad. The final thing you want is for you garden to smell like a hellhole. So what should you be using? Examples of good food wastes include vegetables, fruits, bread, rice grains, and egg shells.

The second type of waste you should consider is dead leaf. If you have trees around your garden or neighborhood then there should be plenty of dead leaves to collect. Once you have collected the dead leaves, you can pile them into a compost bin. The leaves should eventually turn into rich compost after a month or two. Dead leaves can also be used as mulch as well. This is great for gardeners living in cold area. The organic mulch can help keep the ground warm during the winter.

The final type of household waste to consider for organic composting is coffee ground. There are certain benefits your plants will gain if you mix a bit of coffee ground into your homemade compost. For example, coffee ground has a good level of nitrogen, an essential nutrient that enables plant to properly photosynthesize. Roasted coffee is actually pretty acidic so you want to use coffee grounds that have already been used. The brewing process removes the acidity of the unused coffee grounds.

The three types of wastes mentioned above are used fairly often by experienced gardeners. Before you start creating your compost, you will need a solid composting bin. You can either create it yourself or buy a bin online. When considering a bin, make sure it is well aerated. Oxygen is an essential component of the composting process so you want to make sure plenty of air gets into the bin.

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