3 Easy Ways to Prevent Pests and Rodents From Attacking Your Garden

One of the biggest hassles gardeners face is the presence of rodents and pests. Depending on the location, gardeners can face pests of all shapes and sizes. For example, some gardeners may have to get rid of moles while others have to get rid of caterpillars from white butterflies. In this article, we have a look at three effective steps one can take to prevent pests and rodents from attacking the gardens and lawns. By taking these steps, one can ensure that their plants will grow in a safe environment.

If you are dealing with medium to large-sized rodents such as rats and groundhogs then one effective method of preventing garden attacks from such creatures is by placing a firm cage around the garden. This is especially important for gardeners growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs in their gardens. There are several types of cages one can use. One good example is chicken wire. When you place the cage around the garden, you want to make sure it goes a few inches deep into the soil. This is to prevent animals like moles from accessing your garden underground. You also want to make the cage high enough so that animals can’t jump over it easily. Although this will make your garden look less aesthetically pleasing, it is still a necessary step one has to take in order to protect you garden produce.

The second way of preventing pests from attacking you garden is by placing items that detracts them. For example, coffee ground is considered to be one type of item that cats don’t like. Sprinkle some coffee ground around your garden and there is a good possibility that cats won’t damage your garden again. If you are dealing with insects like caterpillars and grasshoppers, sprinkle some flour around the garden leaves. When the insects ingest the flour powder, it causes all sorts of problems for their digestive systems. This particular method will prevent major damages from occurring on your plants.

The final method of preventing rodent attacks is by creating a decoy garden. Grow another small garden near your main one. The most important step here is to grow plants that will draw pests and rodents away from your main garden. For example, some types of rodents like the scent of certain flowers and herbs. Identify what these plants are and grow them in your decoy garden. You will be surprised by the difference it will make to the health of your main plants.

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