2 Most Popular Gardening Floral Tools and Their Uses

One part of your success in gardening is based upon the use of proper tools. There are two main gardening tools that you need in order to do the maximum amount of your work in your small garden. These are the garden spade and the garden fork. These two tools are simply indispensable in your garden work, and with modern floral tools you get all the aesthetics that is required to make your work more elegant.

The uses and features of these two tools are described in the following paragraphs.

1. Spade

Typically, a garden spade consists of a wooden stem, a metal handle and a metal blade. But, you can find new floral tools made out of other materials.


Generally, this tool is used by holding the handle with two hands, with the metal blade pointing away and downwards. It can be used for various tasks in your garden:

• For digging of holes for planting something.

• For slicing beneath the soil when the lawn is being prepared.

• For breaking and working larger clumps of soil.

• Large-sized spades can be used to load heaps on a wheel barrow.

• For edging lawns and demarcating walk ways using its sharp edge.

• For clearing snow-off driveways.

• For preparation of nursery beds.

2. Fork

Fork is one of the favorite tools for gardeners. And, that they are now available as elegant floral tools with different features including a larger number of rakes, designed in different shapes and angles make it more appealing for gardeners to use these floral-toned gardening tools.


There are several uses of forks in your garden.

• Avoiding slicing of plant roots during transplantation.

• Avoiding damage to crops when lifting.

• Lifting the weed stems that branch underground.

• Opening earth without disturbing the bulky soil. Compared to the spade, the fork causes lesser damage to soil and worms.

• Opening the surface of soil for light cultivation and working in compost, fertilizer and manure around shrubs and plants.

• Moving light and fibrous materials such as manure, weed heaps and straw.

• Dividing groups of perennials using a pair of forks for pulling the plant.

Floral gardening tools are light, elegant and durable. The looks and designs are especially appealing to kids and ladies who spend a lot of time in their garden. In addition to gardening tools, you can also find a wide variety of floral tools like pliers, scissors, hammers, secateurs, knife, and screw drivers with floral patterns.

There is no doubt that durability and usability are the two main factors that make a tool for what it is meant, and when you are able to add some elegance to the task, your work is going to become more interesting than ever.


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