2 Main Types of Orchid

Orchid is a very interesting plant. It makes the garden more beautiful and fragrant. This is actually why many people are really interested in knowing and caring for different types of orchid. But, did you know that despite the different species and hybrids of orchids, there are actually 2 main types of this plant? Here are those two main types:

1. Terrestrial – species of orchids from this type are among the most the popular. One example is cymbidium. This is a terrestrial type of orchid that have 40 different species and believe it or not thousands of hybrids. Like the characteristic of terrestrial orchids, cymbidium can grow on the ground but can also live in trees and rocks. Cymbidium orchids can be found in its natural habitat from parts of Asia as well as in Australia. They are very easy to grow so this type of orchids is best recommended for beginners who want to take care of this beautiful plant/flower.

2. Epiphytic- the term epiphytes is actually referring to plants that have root system on earth. This type of orchids can require much work if you want to have it in your garden unlike cymbidium which is an orchid that is very easy to grow. There are over 1000 known species from Epiphytic types of orchid one example is dendrobiums and they do not bear flowers easily. Epiphytes are usually found in Australia, Southeast Asia and also Polynesia. However there are still species in epiphytic type of orchid that can easily bear flower – one particular example is Phalaenopsis orchid. These are easier to grow more than dendrobiums. These epiphytic orchids grow in trees however these plants are not getting any nutrition from these trees.

These are some information regarding the two main types of orchid. These ideas will be helpful for people who are planning to have orchids in their garden. It is important to know the types of orchid that you will buy so that you can properly take care of these beautiful flowers.

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