16 Tips for Perfect Lawn Mowing

How to best use lawnmowers

Change the gasoline after one month of inactivity or apply fuel stabilizer. Gas will deteriorate with time and you will most likely have trouble starting your engine after a winter break.

Own two sets of mower blades. You can get one sharpened while using the other one.

Keep your blades sharp, the cut clean and your grass healthy. You should change blades every two or three years.

Set the right cut height. No lower than 3″ and no higher than 4″ to 4.5″. Too low cuts will weaken the roots and boost lawn burning and insect invasion. Right cuts will preserve necessary moisture and lawn aeration. Too high cuts will boost mold.

How to mow a lawn

Do not cut too much. Cut less than 1/3 of the grass height at each pass. If you need to cut more, do it in more passes.

Mow frequently and slowly. The slower and more frequently you mow, the more finely you cut the grass and the faster it decomposes

Mow in the morning or early evening, not to expose your grass to heat stress.

Mow dry grass. Mowing wet grass will encourage lawn weeds, clumps and fungus.

Change mowing paths. You will reduce ruts and strengthen uniform growth.

Buy a rear roller for a striped-effect lawn. While the mower moves forward, the roller pushes the grass in one direction, resulting in a stripy effect.

Compost your clippings or use a mulching mower. Clipping bags sent to the landfill are a major source of waste and pollution (CO2 transportation impact).

How to mow a lawn safely

Read, understand and follow the operator’s directives before using any mower.

Electric Lawn Mowers: use only in dry weather, check and test RCD protections on any power outlet and keep the trailing cable away from the cutting path.

Keep the mowing area clear from children and animals and remove stones, sticks or other dangerous debris that could be thrown out by the mower blades.

NC-12 and NC-16: No child below 12 should use walk-behind mowers and child below 16 small tractors (American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations).

Turn off and unplug mowers and check the mower blades are stopped before lifting the mower, removing stuck grass or emptying the grass box.

Safety equipment: choose mowers supplied with “dead man’s switches” to disable blade rotation when not used and wear protective boots.

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