150 Watt HPS – Getting Your Kids Interested in Gardening Is Easy

Are you looking for an easy winter project that will keep your children’s interest throughout the cold months? Starting a garden inside is one way to do that. Many children think you put plants out in the spring and then everything grows and dies off in the fall. With a simple 150 watt HPS lamp, a reflector and some seed trays, you can give your children the experience of watching plants grow in the winter. The setup is relatively cheap and you can take it down when the spring months roll around.

What do you need to get your project started? If you are smart, keep your eyes out for cheap seeds as the summer ends and the fall begins. Stores will want to get rid of their supply. Simple vegetables that do not require a great deal of space is a great option. Alternatively, choose some flowering plants. Also, pick up some inexpensive seed trays while you are shopping. Some stores will also throw their planting mixtures on discount in the fall as well. The hardware you need for the project is easy as well. You will want a 150 watt HPS lamp and a small reflector kit. The other items you will need are a couple of hooks and two lengths of chain.

Install your hooks above the surface where you want to grow the plants. Use the hooks and chain to suspend light fixture. Put your 150 watt HPS lamp into the reflector and plug it in. You should have an intense area of light on the surface where the plants will grow. Now is the time to get the children’s hands dirty. Have them fill the seed trays with the planting mixture. Poke holes in the soil with a finger and drop in a few seeds. Cover the holes with more soil. Gently water the plants. Put them under the High Pressure Sodium lamp.

Now, every day, the children will need to turn the lights on and off. The optimal time for the lamps to be on is 14 to 16 hours a day. You might want to invest in a timer for this project if you do not want to rely on your children’s memory. Within a few weeks, you will have growing plants in the midst of winter. You can transplant the plants after the last frost or decide to keep them indoors. After the winter, unplug the 150 watt HPS and put it away until next winter.

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