11 Uses For Basil

Basil is – aside from being a culinary wonder and one of the most popular herbs in the garden – a valuable addition to every home natural medicine kit. Native to India, basil is prominently features in many Hindu religious rituals and is actually a part of their morning and evening worship. Basil offers so many health benefits that, once you understand them, you’ll see why it is frequently referred to as the “holy” basil.

1. Eases fever and symptoms of the common cold. Basil possesses antibacterial properties and is very effective in the treatment of many types of fever. A tea made from the young leaves of basil can offer relief in the reduction of fever significantly. If it is a cold from which you suffer, you must drink the juice from the leaves, diluted in water, to realize speedy relief.

2. Eases respiratory distress. An infusion of basil leaves, ginger and honey is known to be a wonderful remedy for treating respiratory issues of all kinds, including influenza, bronchitis, cold related symptoms and even asthma. It opens up the lungs, acts as an expectorant and helps ease the breathing.

3. Treats a sore throat. Gargling with very strong, warm basil tea or warm water infused with basil extract is very helpful in easing the pain of a sore throat.

4. Cuts cholesterol. Basil is at the top of the list for herbs that are heart-healthy. Besides supporting and preventing cardiac weakness and stroke, it can slice the cholesterol down to healthy levels very quickly.

5. De-stress yourself with basil. In the Indian culture, everybody chews a minimum of twelve leaves of basil daily for good health. Big in anti-stress properties, it will significantly lower the threat of the challenges of depression and stress.

6. Supports the function of the kidneys. Basil is known to help maintain and support healthy function of the entire renal system and the kidneys. Basil is also helpful in cleansing the body of kidney stones. Basil juice mixed with honey, taken daily, will help prevent stones from forming and will aid in the passing of stones already in the system.

7. Watch your mouth. Prone to canker sores of the mouth? Basil offers quick relief for that and is also very refreshing to the mouth in general.

8. Bug bites. Crushed basil leaves or fresh juice can be applied to bug bites for fast relief.

9. Say “Cheese”. Bleeding gums, halitosis and tooth decay are all challenges with which basil can be very effective. The antibacterial properties of basil can aid in preventing or at least soothing a number of oral ailments.

10. Eye see you! Basil is high in vitamin A, which is very supportive of human vision health. It is helpful in treating night blindness and sore eyes.

11. Don’t smoke! Basil is known to be very supportive in quitting smoking. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, chew a few basil leaves. It will quash the urge and you’ll have the freshest breath around!

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