1000W HPS

When you are passionate about something, you are ready to make it perfect. A lot of people love growing plants, but they don’t have an outdoor space, so they do it indoor instead. Some of them are so crazy about this that they are ready to offer their plants the exact weather and temperature conditions they have outside. This is the reason why so many people are interested in the growing lights such as the 1000W HPS. If you are one of the numerous people who grow all sorts of plants indoors and if you want to purchase a bulb of this wattage because you have heard that it is very useful and effective for a proper growth of a plant, then you should direct your attention towards a few small details. For example, do you know how to place the 1000W HPS? The indoor grow lamp with this energy requires a very special placement in proximity to the plant that will receive its light, so you have to make sure that you do not commit a mistake in this respect.

It would be a pity to purchase the bulb and to realize then that you have destroyed your plants just because you did not know how to place it properly. The 1000W HPS is a high wattage lamp, which means that it produces a lot of heat. This means that, as an outcome of the fact that it produces a lot of heat, the lamp can burn the plants. I am sure that you do not want your plants to be burnt. Hence, make sure that you place the lamp 24 inches above the plants. This is the optimum distance – one at which you can be certain that you will not burn your beloved plants.

A large number of people were unaware of the fact that the HPS is so powerful and that it can burn the plants and observed the fact that the lamp was too close to the plants when it was already too late. Avoid this from happening by learning a few details about the HPS before purchasing it. Thanks to the fact that you place the lamp a little bit higher than you would place 400W HPS, for example, the growing size, is also increased. This is one of the many reasons why those who grow plants indoors should invest their money in such a lamp. If you are one of them, you will soon realize the fact that it has been a good investment.

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