10 Unique Wind Chimes to Pick

Are you tired of the usual sounds produced by your wind chimes? Would you like to upgrade their looks by opting for something unique? Would you want their meaning to be more than just mere decors for your homes? If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, consider having the following chimes at your house:

  1. Church Bell Wind Chime Make your home like the ultimate sanctuary by having this chime. The sound it produces makes you remember of the resounding church bells of your favorite refuge.
  2. Spiral Breast Cancer Wind ChimeIt does not matter if you lost someone or you are suffering from the illness – breast cancer is a serious matter. You can show your full support to the advocacies of various organizations by getting yourself a spiral breast cancer chime. Most of all, every time you hear its sounds, you will never forget that there is still life – and there is plenty of hope against this dreaded disease.
  3. Sunset Wind ChimePocket gardens soothe you even more when you attach chimes near them. The gentle breeze will calm your senses. A combination of wood and metal, the chime is made by renowned chime artist J. W. Stannard.
  4. Fire Hydrant Wind ChimeWhether you miss the old days or you want to pay homage to the dangerous profession, the fire hydrant chime is sure to tickle your fancy. A bright red hydrant serves as the base for the rest of the silver chimes.
  5. Candy Shop Wind ChimeHave you just said good-bye to your sweet tooth? Thankfully, there is the candy shop chime to remind you of the dozen chocolates and candies that have made you happy for many years.
  6. Fairy Mobile Wind ChimeThis is probably one of the most majestic and beautiful chimes you will ever find in your life. The sounds created by this chime cause several fairies to move to the beat. Now isn’t that simply captivating? Putting this in your garden will even make the setting more magical.
  7. Temple Gate Wind ChimeGo back to the early days of Asian civilization, where temples and the clanging sounds of their bells would often wake the entire nation up. The Temple Gate chime is your time machine. What’s more, you don’t have to stray from your very own patio or garden just to experience the mysticism of temples.
  8. Lodge Bell Wind ChimeCan’t go to your favorite cabin or log house this coming summer or winter? Don’t be sad. You can bring up all the lovely memories by getting yourself the Lodge Bell chime. Made of ceramic, the base is painted with lovely sceneries of the forests. The sounds produced will remind you of mountain tunes.
  9. Garden Gifts ChimeCreate your own mini-garden with this chime. It showcases all the dainty elements that make up a perfect garden, from the popping flowers to the visiting birds and gorgeous butterflies.
  10. Dancing Dolphin Chime
    Bring the ocean into your own backyard with this chime filled with blue dancing dolphins made of sapphires. Every time the wind blows, it produces a relaxing music and causes the dolphins to move gracefully.

Betty Knutson