10 Top Garden Accessories

Are you looking for a way to draw interest to your garden? Are you ready to make your garden the one that everyone notices in your neighborhood? While you are planning your garden or just looking to freshen things up, give some thought to garden accessories. There are many things you can do without spending a lot of dollars!

1) Lanterns: For adding a touch of romance. Choose aromatic candles or scented ones for chasing the mosquitoes away! Lanterns can be used on tables or along the meander path. There are as many ways to arrange them as there are different styles.

2) Fake Flowers: Well there are some areas where plants refuse to grow. So why not get creative with metal flowers? Keep ’em guessing is my motto.

3) Containers: Available in a variety of different styles and shapes. They can be moved anywhere and switched out any time to go with your color scheme or the season. Place cone tea lights within the planters and create your own work of art!

4) Bird Feeders: Many types are available today Feeders will attract birds to the garden bring with them their beautiful songs.

5) Obelisks and Trellises: Can be works of art or as simple as bamboo poles. They can be used solely for effect or for function. A great way to define space and support plants. Allow your favorite flowering vine climb around this garden accessory. Tastefully placed they add structure and beauty to your landscape.

6) Gazing Balls: the gazing ball has become one of the most must have garden accessory. From stately classic gardens to quaint cottage garden yards, gazing balls can be found. Highly reflective one are ideally suited to show off your garden from different viewpoints.

7) Rain Chains: A simple item that adds the delightful sound of running water and vertical interest to your garden. A beautiful and functional alternative to the typical closed downspout.

8) Bird Baths: A must have item for any bird fancier. Bird baths can be hand crafted works or art or just a simple dish. You are giving them a place to play and bathe while you enjoy their company.

9) Bells and Chimes: Gardens are best appreciated for visual appeal and fragrance. You can add the dimension of sound to your garden with chimes and have a soothing, peaceful feeling Bells and chimes are a dynamic element in the landscape, forever changing with the slightest breeze.

10) Wall Plaques: This accessory takes over where plants leave off. the do not distract or overwhelm. they provide interest when plants are not at their most striking.

When it comes to placing accessories remember “quality over quantity”. Quality does not mean expensive, garden accessories can start at less than $10.00. Skillfully placed, a piece will guide the eye and add to the beauty of the plantings. They enhance the yard and bring interest to the garden.

Marianne Droste

I have been a devoted weekend gardener for over 30 years. Always interested in design, sales and customer service. Visit my website for more information on garden accessories.