10 Reasons Why You Must Go In For Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is a kind of gardening in which the soil is placed in beds about 1.2 m wide. They can be of any shape or length. In these beds, the soil is raised about six inches above the surrounding soil and is enclosed by a wooden, rocky or concrete blocks frame, to which compost is added.

The plants in these beds are placed in geometrical shapes and are placed much closer than in conventional row-type gardening. Due to this, when the vegetables are ripe, their leaves hardly touch each other and so create a climate in which the moisture is conserved and weed growth is minimized.

This kind of gardening can be used to develop complex growing systems, based on several principles of permaculture. Soil erosion is controlled here to a large extent and water and soil nutrients can be effectively recycled and conserved by building these beds on slopes.

Raised bed gardening has several advantages, such as:

  1. According to studies, raised gardens produce twice as much flowers and vegetables per square foot than ordinary beds. Consequently, you can plan to have smaller gardens which produce more vegetables and flowers.
  2. With this type of gardening, you can do all your gardening straight from the garden path, and so reduce soil impaction to a vast extent.
  3. By spacing your plants a little closer in this bed, you increase productivity per square foot and reduce weeding when the plants grow and mature.
  4. Your garden bed will be efficient in draining away all the excess moisture so that plant roots breathe better.
  5. You can also control soil types and conditions better in this vegetable bed and you can also vary them from one bed to another. If you have thin topsoil, it’s best to go in for a raised bed.
  6. If you have to apply compost, water, fertilizer and mulch, this can be done far more efficiently and carefully if added to the garden bed.
  7. If you define your beds with some edging, they tend to have a pleasing geometrical shape.
  8. With a raised bed, your gardening season is lengthened. Not only does your vegetable bed warm up sooner than a traditional bed but it will stay productive till the end of autumn.
  9. Raised bed gardening also gives you the advantage of sitting comfortably on a stool and doing all your gardening, rather than bending over plants to trim them.
  10. It is very easy to maintain.

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