10 Points to Ponder – Composting

1. Composting, the newly ‘fashionable’ way of decreasing our personal carbon footprint, is the vital process where-by organic materials are decomposed and returned to the earth as fertiliser, a mulch, and a soil amendment.

2. This process is carried out by the vast numbers of micro-organisms, insects and other small creatures that inhabit and live off decomposing organic matter.

3. There are several systems of composting, some of which can be carried out inside your apartment or house and some outside, in the garden or on your deck. You need to choose a system that meets your requirements.

4. The process of making compost can be complicated and long-winded or it can be simple, with a minimum of physical labour. It’s up (or down) to you.

5. Compost can be expensive or done on a budget depending on how serious you are or how good you are in the DIY department. The choice is yours.

6. It’s probably a good idea to buy a beginners’ book on the subject if you are just starting out. You can read it in your hammock while your compost is ‘doing its thing’.

7. Composting is currently an important aspect of the ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’ phenomenon, so even though you may not have a garden, or even if you do not enjoy gardening, you can still compost your kitchen waste. You will be helping the wider community by reducing your land-fill contribution.

8. Compost is only as good as the ingredients you put into it. A variety of good ingredients = good compost.

9. A compost pile or a bin need not take up a lot of room in your garden or home. Some bins are surprisingly small and some types will even fit into a cupboard in your kitchen.

10. You would be surprised at how much of the rubbish you generate can be composted. There are limits, though, so consult a book or one of the more informative composting web-sites for more in-depth information.

These points just scratch the surface of this increasingly popular occupation. Once you have spread your first load of compost on your garden or indoor plants and it has taken effect, you will realise just how mind-blowing this product is. Your plants will truly thank you. Flowers will be brighter and bigger, vegetables will be tastier and more nutritious and you will find that your soil will be a much more efficient and healthier growing medium. There will be less disease and your plants will be far more robust and able to fight off many an insect attack. No more flooding your garden with expensive chemicals and no more purchases of commercial and often doubtful compost. It just gets better, doesn’t it?

This is the way to go without a doubt. Go on – ACTIVATE!

Barbara Moss is a retired teacher and business-woman who is studying the benefits and pleasures of composting. At present, she composts with Bokashi in her kitchen and with worms in her garden. She also has a ‘dalek’ bin for dealing with her garden waste. Her web-site
http://clevercomposting.com”>http://clevercomposting.com is a good source of information for new composters and she welcomes all-comers for a chat and a sharing of knowledge and new ideas.