10 Colour Scheme Ideas for Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket displays are a beautiful addition to any garden, home or business premises. The possibilities are endless but some of the best displays use certain colours to create specific effects and looks.

This article suggests 10 different ideas for colour schemes and the flowers and plants needed to create them. All of these displays can be created with the typical flowers and plants you would use or hanging baskets. Some of the best flowers to use are busy lizzies, fuscias, lobelia, petunias, impatiens, begonias, pansies and geraniums. Ferns, grasses and herbs can all be used to effect to compliment and frame the flowers.

(1) Hot red and sunshine yellow – Choose dramatic red flowers such as begonias and mix in with sunny yellow flowers such pansies to create this classic colourful display.

(2) Classic white – a mix of all white flowers mixed in with green foliage creates a distinctive and classic look. Could be ideal to create an impressive display for a wedding venue or reception.

(3) Pretty in Pink – a very common but stunning theme is to use various shades of pink to create the hanging basket display.

(4) Liquid gold – a mixture of orange, light brown and warm gold flowers creates a lovely warm colour scheme.

(5) Red, white and blue – this combination is quite traditional and could suit sporting or national events hoping to link in with the national flag.

(6) Purple haze – choosing rich purple colours with yellow or white flowers as highlights creates a very strong and distinctive colour scheme.

(7) Team colours – some pubs theme their displays around their local team colours. So perhaps a red flower basket for Manchester United or royal blue for Chelsea.

(8) Blue is the colour – blue flowers are distinctive but can be offset with other colours such as yellow, orange or white for effect.

(9) Country garden – using multiple colours such as yellow, lilac, red and blue creates a wonderful mix of colours to evoke a traditional country garden or wild meadow.

(10) Ice cool – light blues mixed with white flowers and minimum foliage will create a subtle look for a hanging basket.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive – there are many thousands of combinations and effects that can be achieved. Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration to create you own hanging basket displays and maybe some ideas to go on create some of your own unique colour schemes.

John Nesbitt is an expert in hanging basket having been in the gardening business for 25 years. John is the owner of Cooks View Nursery in North Yorkshire, England. In 1996 John developed the Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liner [http://www.hangingbasketworld.co.uk/] to provide an easy way to get professional results with their hanging baskets. For more advice on the planting, growing and care of hanging baskets then go to www.hangingbasketworld.co.uk [http://www.hangingbasketworld.co.uk/]